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Fun and festive fall activities in Charlotte NC

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Fall is a time for sweeping up fallen leaves and baking the perfect pumpkin pie, to look forward to the terror of Halloween and the frightening gathering of your family for thanksgiving. This is a time to give and a time to enjoy. It’s a time to take full advantage of the scenery and to get out and enjoy the colors and the weather. Why not experience all The Queen City has to offer and enjoy days filled with relaxation and seasonal traditions?

The NoDa Fall Music Fest

This festival is for all you music lovers out there! There will be 100 artists and bands performing live in multiple venues. The festival is a 3 day event, which is celebrating its 11th year of delivering the best music and digital media industry education and networking in the market. If you are interested as a performer or as a business owner this is an opportunity you cannot miss, as well! Take full advantage of this wondrous event and give your soul its much needed tunes.     Nov. 8- Nov. 10

For more information and a list of bands visit their website at:  http://www.midatlanticmusic.com/

Pumpkin picking

Charlotteans know full and well they live in the country and, thankfully, that means a wide variety of farms to visit and browse through their bountiful pumpkin patches. Pumpkin picking is an age old tradition that we used to do with our parents and our parents’ parent’s. It’s a tradition that you want to pass down to you children and your children’s children. It is a very family oriented experience and a great way to get your kids excited for the changing season.  This is an innocent pleasure that will surely be one of your children’s fondest memories of fall, and if your kid is a chatter they will tell all of your family and friends how he picked his perfect pumpkin (Your welcome). Hodges farm is a great family farm complete with farm animals, horses, pumpkin picking in the fall and Christmas trees in the winter.

Click here for more information on Hodges Farm.

Tour the Mountains

The mountains in the fall are, personally, one of the most beautiful picturesque views I have ever seen in autumn. For those hikers and campers, fall is the perfect time to go since it isn’t too hot, nor is it too cold; it’s that perfect state of limbo. Grandfather mountain is the most popular with its high peaks and panoramic views, it will get a little chilly in the evening so, like my boy scout brother says, always be prepared! Little neighboring towns will solve your hunger needs or you can picnic near the mountain and watch one of the many tranquil waterfalls scattered in the North Carolina Mountains. Don’t forget to bring your Camera for the many Kodak moments that will arise with your first step on mountain terrain.