Using a Mortgage Loan Calculator

calculate the value of Charlotte Homes with this mortgage calculatorSo you are interested in a Charlotte home for sale, and ready to begin house hunting.  But before you apply for a mortgage loan, it’s important to determine the potential cost of your home. One feature of our website is a mortgage calculator that allows homebuyers to calculate the cost of a mortgage so you can be more prepared before applying for a mortgage.

Our loan calculator enables prospective homebuyers to get an approximation of their monthly mortgage payments simply by entering basic data about your upcoming Charlotte home purchase. You can access our mortgage loan calculator to find out how much you can pay for Charlotte Homes.

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How to Buy a Home with Little Money Down

If someone told you that you could buy a home with little money down, would you believe them? Perhaps you should reconsider. Buying a home with little money down can be a possibility with some help and a little planning. Here are some options to consider:

1) Buying a home with a “seller carry back” is a popular option. The trick is to find a home with an assumable loan. You would ask the owner to carry a second mortgage on the home, equal to the equity. In this scenario, you could get in for very little money.

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Working with Charlotte Realtors

If you are looking at the purchase of a home in the Charlotte, NC area, it is advisable to get some expert help to secure a good deal. You wouldn’t go to a plumber for legal representation, so why not work with local expert Charlotte realtors to help you find the home of your dreams.

The general real estate market in Charlotte has seen a lot of fluctuation over the last year. Like many southeastern areas of the United States, property values have declined significantly. This has left many people “upside down” in their loans. That is why we have seen so many REO foreclosures on the market. In addition, there is a whole new issue about to hit the real estate market this year. It’s called balloon payments coming due, as well as ARM’s getting ready to change.

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