Chevron: Top 5 Ways To Decorate Your Home With the Classic “Zig-zag” Pattern

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Chevron the classic zigzag design.

While most trends keep to either fashion, home decor, or technology, every once in a while something just sticks. Everywhere. You see it on billboards, on runways, and even on hipsters’ coffee mugs; it becomes part of society. Chevron is one of those things. The zigzag pattern is about as classic and basic as they come, bumping out overdone houndstooth and overplayed plaid for a simpler, white-on-color look. For many homeowners, chevron has worked its way into living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens as a design enhancer because of its bold, modern feel. Here are the best places to incorporate the hit pattern into your home to keep it trending:

  1. Throw Pillows: If you don’t want to redo everything but still want to keep your home modern, throw pillows are the way to go.  Chevron is one of those patterns that, because of its neutral mix with color, matches well with almost anything. If you have a blue flowery room, for instance, just pair blue and white chevron pillows with your floral fiesta to update the look.

  2. Curtains: For rooms that are barren, chevron curtains take simplicity to the next level by adding a splash of color and print. Take a mostly monochromatic area, it doesn’t matter if its a baby’s room, an office, or a bedroom, and slip bright chevron curtains in to make a fashion forward statement without overdoing it. Use a color wheel to help you decide how dramatic you want the look to be- the further the color of your room is from the color of the chevron will determine the mood of the room. Neutral rooms mixed with softer prints tend to feel light and airy, while colored rooms paired with bold patterns feel young and hip.

  3. Area Rugs: A bold area rug can really make a room stand out, especially on top of hard wood floors. This look can really go anywhere under the right color scheme, but my personal favorite is a neutral based chevron to add a little flair to the room without overpowering the main decorations. Stick to color schemes like tan, gray, or black if you decide to add a chevron rug to play up the other pieces in the room. Be wary, though; the wider the chevron print, the more of a centerpiece the rug will become.

  4. Accent Walls: Chevron-lovers who want a more permanent addition to their home should look into adding a chevron accent wall to one of their rooms. Like other chevron add-ins, the wall matches with almost anything, but it isn’t nearly as easy to change if the pattern ever stops trending. Still, it looks great. Choose a wall without a window and paint it based on the color of the other walls. If you’re a color-mixer, pick a color that compliments the other walls and stick to a then chevron pattern. If you go monochromatic, widen the pattern a bit to make it stand out.

  5. Tablecloths: Commitment-phobes rejoice at the thought of tablecloths because they, well, are easy to get rid of. For those of you who aren’t completely sold on the chevron trend, invest in a printed tablecloth or runner to modernize your meals. When you feel like that tablecloth is getting too clingy, just whip it off and replace it with something new. Too easy.

Written by: Beth Castle

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