Charlotte… the most sought after city in the country!?

Showcase Realty is one of the fastest growing real estate offices in the city, so why not put it in the fastest growing city in the country!? Recent studies show that Charlotte, North Carolina is the fastest growing metro area in the U.S. with more than a 64% increase in population from 2000-2010!

Charlotte is the largest city in N.C. and the 17th largest in the U.S. Residents of Charlotte, N.C. are not the only ones who realize what a wonderful place it is to live! In the recent article “Best Cities for Housing Values, 2011 by Yahoo! Real Estate, Charlotte was ranked 2nd in the country as the Best City to live, based on its vibrant economy, reasonable living costs, and great amenities!

Still need convincing?
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Charlotte Allen - April 10, 2012

We are thinking of relocating to Charlotte, do you have any good suggestions?

Violet - May 2, 2012

The photo of Charlotte at night is really stunning! Thank you for sharing this information. I now live in one of condos in downtown Austin but I still want to visit Charlotte to see real estate for investment.

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