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Radio Show Recap: Renting Vs. Buying: Which Is Better For You?

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Renting, Buying, Crossroads, Charlotte NC real estate, Charlotte NC investors, Charlotte NC foreclosures, Charlotte NC homes for sale, Charlotte NC short sales, Showcase Realty, Charlotte NC Short Sale AgentsDid you miss our radio show that aired live last Sunday, November 24, 2013 at 10:30 AM? No worries, if you missed it or want to listen again you can watch the podcast available now on ITunes and coming soon to


Our last episode discussed one common dilemma most homeowners face and this is renting versus buying, which is better? According to Mecktimes and Trulia’s statistics, buying a house is better than renting one; specifically if you live within Charlotte, North Carolina. During the summer of 2013, buying a home was actually cheaper by 44 percent than renting. The difference between both narrowed since summer of 2012, where it was 54 percent cheaper to buy than to rent.


Furthermore, by Trulia’s estimate, the mortgage rate tipping point, when renting becomes cheaper than buying, is at 13.3 percent for Charlotte. And according to, the current mortgage rates are 4.12 to 4.62.


The benefits of owning a home were also presented, here are a few:

  • When paying money towards the principal on your loan each month, you increase the percentage of your home that you own.
  • Mortgage payments remain the same with a fixed rate loan. Rent costs, however, inevitably go up.
  • You gain from the appreciation on your home. The whole house appreciates, not just your down payment.


On the other hand, the downside of renting was also discussed.

  • In renting, you do not accumulate equity. You are essentially giving away your money each month. Why are you buying your landlords home?
  • The landlord benefits from the appreciation values, not the tenant.
  • The landlord benefits from your work and improvements on a house or apartment that you rent.



For first time homebuyers, there are special lending programs you can rely on like HUD homes. If you live in Charlotte, be sure to get a certificate first from attending an 8-hour Home Buyer workshop and get up to $7,500 which you can use as down payment and closing costs.


For those who have been hurt by the economic downturn by a short sale or foreclosure; good news because you can now purchase a house in much less time because of a recent change in the rules. FHA has loosened their guidelines allowing borrowers to get a home loan in as little as 12 months after a foreclosure or short sale.


Last but not the least, the 3 most common myths of buying versus renting were also discussed, which are as follows:


Myth #1 A bigger down payment is always better


You don’t need to put 20% as down payment..


Myth # 2 You get more for your money in the suburbs


Savings from lower-cost housing often are wiped out by unexpectedly high transportation costs.


Myth #3: Renters escape property taxes


Renters don’t pay property taxes directly; any business minded landlord factors in all of their carrying costs into their rental rates so it’s like they’re paying the taxes of the landlord.


For more information and elaboration on the topics discussed, listen to our podcast.

On the next episode of our radio show, we will discuss how to get your home ready for the market. If you have any questions or clarifications, please don’t hesitate to call us at 704-440-0007. We’re always happy to answer your queries.

Investor and Foreclosure Activity in the Charlotte NC Real Estate Market

housing bubble, Charlotte NC real estate, Charlotte NC investors, Charlotte NC foreclosures, Charlotte NC homes for sale, Charlotte NC short sales, Showcase Realty, Charlotte NC Short Sale Agents

housing bubble, Charlotte NC real estate, Charlotte NC investors, Charlotte NC foreclosures, Charlotte NC homes for sale, Charlotte NC short sales, Showcase Realty, Charlotte NC Short Sale AgentsNancy Braun was quoted three times by The Mecklenburg Times in the last several weeks. The first one, “South End by Southwest” was covered in a previous blog post. The two most recent articles

The article in September 27th issue of The Mecklenburg Times covers the investor activity in Charlotte, titled “Reits: Industry Insiders are Wondering Where the Phenomenon Will Lead.”  During May, June and July, one in every five homes were sold to investors. One the surface this seems like a good thing. Large companies purchase distressed properties, fix them up and then rent them out. This demand lowers the supply and increasing competition.


But the clarity dissipates and the fog of uncertainty begins to cloud the issues when real estate professionals start to consider what that means for the market, now and in the long term.

Pretty much everyone agrees that the real estate investment trusts and other institutional investment firms that since the recession have bought thousands of homes in the Charlotte market – nearly 2,000 in May, June and July – have “jump-started the Charlotte real estate market,” in the words of Nancy Braun, owner and broker-in-charge of  Showcase Realty.

They agree that many of the homes were distressed, financially and structurally, and that Wall Street has helped clean up some of the mess left by Wall Street in the mortgage-bundling fiasco.

And they agree that institutional investors are helping the market meet a demand for rental homes, as more former homeowners and more likely first-time buyers are either forced or are choosing to lead more liquid lifestyles.


Read the Full Article Here – The Mecklenburg Times 9.27.13


The article published in the September 17th edition of The Mecklenburg Times covered foreclosure activity which is closely tied to influx of investors. The article, titled “Foreclosure Activity Down from Last Year”  discussed the amount of foreclosures on the market and it’s general downward trend over the passed year. However August presented interesting numbers — an increase in foreclosures. Nancy gave her thoughts on one possible explanation for this increase.


One possible explanation is that because housing prices are climbing, inventory is shrinking, and institutional investors are buying houses at a rate never seen before, lenders have decided to initiate the foreclosure process. Or the lenders may have just begun the process after unsuccessfully working with homeowners on loan modifications, which have been stressed by President Barack Obama’s administration.

Braun said she recently worked on a short sale in which the homeowner hadn’t made a payment in 30 months before being notified that the lender was starting the foreclosure process.

“Maybe it makes sense to pull the trigger and foreclose on the properties they’ve been sitting on,” she said. “I don’t think anyone truly has a handle on what the shadow inventory is, but there is a shadow inventory.”

Shadow inventory includes homes that may be in default or in the foreclosure process that have not been placed on the market.


Read the full article here — The Mecklenburg Times 9.17. 13


Investor presence and bank activities on foreclosures definitely have effected the market. Short term it has seemed to jumpstart the market and result in stronger prices and quicker sales. While no one can know what the future holds or how the market will react in the long term, Nancy will continue to share her insights as things unfold.

Southend by Southwest

The 8:40 a.m. Lynx Light Rail Blue Line train leaves the station taking commuters to uptown offices. Developers plan two separate mixed-used developments on either side of the station, which sits in the middle of South Boulevard, and another developer plans an apartment complex nearby. Experts say the area will become south South End. Photo by Tony BrownNancy Braun was quoted in the feature story of the September 13, 2013 edition of the Mecklenburg Times. The article was called South End by Southwest and described the revitalization of South End. The area is expanding very rapidly south and west to include many other neighborhoods who were recently unable to claim the now popular South End name.

Below is the excerpt that includes Nancy’s contribution:

Showcase Realty LLC owner Nancy Braun, whose standing as one of Charlotte’s busiest Realtors was recently recognized by The Wall Street Journal and Real Trends, says she wishes she had invested in Wilmore – which has been gentrifying in fits and starts since the 1990s – before South End began to creep ever closer.

“It’s a hotbed for investors,” said Braun, whose office is nearby at South Mint Street and West Summit. “It took a real sleeper during the recession, but when the housing market picked back up, it became a target for out-of-town real estate investment trusts and individual investors.”

“I see a lot of activity every day, major renovations going on, and new construction. There’s the Unknown Brewery going into this big beautiful old brick building on Mint. Wilmore is getting pretty cool right there in that area.”


View the full article click the link below:

Mecklenburg Times Article Sept 13, 2013

Nancy Braun of Showcase Realty Ranked Best Real Estate Agent in NC!

best agentREAL Trends released its newest ranking called the Best Real Estate Agents in America which ranks the most productive agents by state and by metropolitan area.  Nancy Braun and Showcase Realty ranked in both categories at the state and regional levels:

  • 1st in N.C by Transactions
  • 3rd in N.C. by Volume
  • 1st in Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia by Transactions
  • 1st in Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia by Volume

The report, the first of its kind ever produced, ranks real estate agents in several categories for their 2012 calendar year: individual agents by closed transaction sides and by closed volume and the same rankings for agent teams. Over 6,500 real estate agents from every state in the U.S. are featured.

This new report is an outgrowth of the REAL Trends/The Wall Street Journal report called The Thousand, which ranks the most productive 1,000 real estate agents in America. This year, REAL Trends extended the report to include all sales agents who exceeded certain minimum levels of closed transaction sides or closed sales volume during calendar year 2012. Many of the real estate agents qualified to be ranked in both closed transactions and closed sales volume.

We are so proud of Nancy and are elated to receive this award.

To see how we stacked up against the competition, view the full ranking here:

To see what sets us apart, making us the best in N.C. visit our website here:

Behind the scenes of Showcase’s new Charlotte office!

Showcase Realty, LLC has been around for over 3 years and has tripled in size, staff and sales since then! This not only allowed us to hire more experts on our staff and more agents to assist our clients, but it allowed us to open a larger, brighter, more appealing office in Charlotte at 1430 S. Mint Street Suite 106.

This office was designed by Charlotte’s very own Studio Fusion and does a great job of expressing who we are as a business – modern, classy and technologically savvy – which are all a big part in why Showcase is so successful. Scroll down to take a look at our new office and what we have to offer our staff and our clients!

CLICK HERE for more pictures and an idea of why these updates really “showcase” our brand!

Showcase heads to UNC Charlotte to speak about investing!

Nancy Braun, Owner and Broker in Charge of Showcase Realty, LLC and her investment expert, Doug Gardner, spoke to business finance students at UNC Charlotte on Monday, April 2nd. They covered many topics, including the benefits of investing in distressed properties in today’s market! Showcase decided to reach out to these students, because it is crutial that those age 21-25 know exactly what’s going on in the market and how to approach the buying process because they are the closest to the age of many first-time homebuyers! These students not only gave positive feedback, but were more interested in housing market than most would guess of college students!


Click here to see more photos from the lecture!


Showcase Realty’s New Website!

All of the agents and staff here at Showcase Realty are very excited to introduce our brand new website! Same url: but different layout!

We hope to add to it as we go and continue to supply  all of the viewers with as much information as possible to help make your buying or selling journey a successful and smooth process. Please feel free to check it out and look around.

If you were signed up for a listing alert you will need to sign back up through the new site – and if you weren’t signed up for a listing alert this is the perfect time to do so! You will get email updates on new properties according to your search criteria, you can save your searches and mark favorite listings.

So go ahead and take a look:

We look forward to sharing our information with you!