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November 11, 2011

A personal experience with our short sale specialist

“I would like to commend Michael Simonini of Showcase Realty for coming to my rescue and helping me favorably part with investment properties I had in North Carolina. In 2006, I purchased a few properties hoping to rent them but, was unable to do so; I found myself paying these mortgages on my own. After several years I was no longer in the position to continue making payments and therefore, started to receive foreclosure notices. For anyone facing foreclosure, you know how frustrating and difficult it is trying to work with your lender to salvage your credit and at the same time preserve your dignity. I reside in New York, which posses many challenges because I was not able to regularly travel to North Carolina in order to maintain these properties or meet with realtors to list these properties for sale.

“In December 2009, after countless hours of internet searches and telephone conversations trying to locate a realtor in North Carolina, I was referred to Showcase Realty by GMAC Mortgage. Showcase Realty was instrumental in successfully obtaining short sale on these properties. I am extremely grateful and fully satisfied with the high level of professionalism received from the staff at Showcase Realty. I can assure you, Showcase Realty will be by your side every step of the way in assisting to find a favorable solution for your situation. In the future, if I am in the position to purchase properties in North Carolina I will not hesitate to contact Showcase Realty. I am confident in highly recommending Showcase Realty for all your real estate needs.”

Brian M., New York

For more short sale guidance, check out our Short Sale Specialist blog!

October 11, 2011

As prices drop on Charlotte homes, sales continue to rise

Home prices in Portland fell 9.1 percent, according to the latest data from Case-Shiller.

 In September, the amount of Charlotte-area homes sold totaled almost 2,000, which is 26% more than homes than what was sold last year. This increase in sales in not a random move for homebuyers, but an extremely smart one – sales went up as prices went down!

The price of Charlotte homes averaged about $197K, which was a 4.5% decrease in priced from August and a 6.5% decrease from last year! There couldn’t be a better time to buy!

To search for homes in Charlotte and surrounding areas in North Carolina and South Carolina, based on your specific criteria, including price range, location, size, etc. CLICK HERE!

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Home prices in Charlotte are STILL dropping!

According to Standard & Poor’s research,  home prices are continuing to drop from the levels they saw throughout 2010, even after the temporary increase in home prices during the month of July. In the study’s 20-city composite, which includes Charlotte, NC, prices rose 0.9% from June to July, but were down 4.1% when compared to July of 2010.

“All that extra buying activity…right before the tax credit deadline drove up home prices, so it makes sense that we’re still seeing a year-over-year decline,” said Ward, CEO of a real estate brokerage web site.

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Showcase Goes Behind the Scenes of Buying a HUD Home

Below is Showcase Realty’s BRAND NEW HUD video, which not only explains the purpose behind buying and selling HUD homes, but it also has personal interviews with those who have experienced first-hand the many benefits of purchasing a HUD property. HUD Homes are not just “distressed” homes that are sold for less, they are a way to revitalize neighborhoods and sell to those who otherwise couldn’t buy a home!

Showcase Realty from Burke Communications on Vimeo.

To learn more about HUD homes, or get expert assistance from a member of our team, go to Showcase’s HUD Homes page!

August 29, 2011

Short Sales Becoming More Popular With Time

Short sales, which many people are still unfamiliar with, are becoming more and more popular throughout the country with a noticeable increase in many states. Large banks including Bank of America and Wells Fargo have also had an increase in the amount of short sales they have seen in the last year, expecting more than double of what they had in 2009. 

Short sales are not new and nothing drastic has happened with the process recently, people are just finally starting to understand what it is! Showcase Realty specializes in short sales and encourages sellers to use this process, rather than go through the devastation of a foreclosure. CLICK HERE for more information on short sales, along with the contact information of someone on our team who can help you go through this process quickly and efficiently.


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