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December 20, 2013

New Year’s Eve in Charlotte

Champagne, New Year Eve, 2014, Night, Party, Gold, Showcase, Realty, Showcase Realty, Orange, Bats,Charlotte NC fall events, Charlotte NC homes for sale, Charlotte NC real estate, Showcase realty, Nancy Braun


Champagne, New Year Eve, 2014, Night, Party, Gold, Showcase, Realty, Showcase Realty, Orange, Bats,Charlotte NC fall events, Charlotte NC homes for sale, Charlotte NC real estate, Showcase realty, Nancy BraunAre you planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Charlotte but still have no plans on where to spend it? Whether you’re looking to celebrate with your family or you want to leave your kids at home, there are actually a lot of New Year’s Eve parties happening around Charlotte. Below are some of the best events you can choose from.


Ring In 2014 With Howl At The Moon

December 31, 2013, 6 PM

Howl at the Moon Charlotte, 210 E. Trade Street, Charlotte, NC 28202


This New Year’s Eve part is featuring dueling pianos rocking all your favorite hits from 2013. Join for the ultimate Charlotte NYE experience, dance, drink and howl in the New Year at ‘Howl at the Moon’!


Party Packages

Champagne Supernova – $85 per person; seating included

The Big Shot – $70 per person; seating included

Early Bird General Admission – $30 per person; standing room


To purchase these packages, you can call Michele at 704-936-4695 or email CHARLOTTEEVENTS@HOWLATTHEMOON.COM.


5Church New Year’s Eve 2014

December 31, 2013, 10 PM

5Church Restaurant, Charlotte, NC


Open bar and buffet from 10pm to 2am. DJ Stephen will be present on the Warwick Dance Floor. Champagne toast at midnight live countdown of the ball drop festive party favors. Doors will open by 10 PM.


General admission is $65. You can call 704-919-1322 for inquires or visit Portions of the proceeds will be donated to the Levine Children’s Hospital ‘Give Here For Kids Here’.




3rd Annual New Year’s Eve Party at VBGB

December 31, 2013, 9 PM

Vbgb Beer Hall And Garden (Nc Music Factory), Charlotte, NC


New Year’s Eve Party in Uptown Charlotte. Admission ticket is $60. Age suitability is 21 years old and up. You can call 704-333-4111 for ticket inquiries.


POSTER URL:×1024.jpg


NYE 2014 – The Biggest Party of the Year

December 31, 2013, 8 PM

Bar Charlotte, Charlotte, NC


Considered the biggest party of the year! Online advance ticket sales will start soon. You can contact 704-342-2557 for more details.


New Year’s Eve at Hilton Charlotte University Place

December 31, 2013 to January 1, 2014, 12:30 AM

Hilton Charlotte University Place, Charlotte, NC


Enjoy the best of New Year’s Eve traditions with their annual New Year’s Eve party featuring a lavish dinner buffet, live entertainment, four hours of open bar, champagne toast and a balloon drop at midnight. They also offer exclusive “Platinum Package” includes deluxe overnight accommodations for two and breakfast on New Year’s Day! Call 704-547-7444 for inquiries. Prices vary per package. Age suitability is 21 years old and above.


HUD Home Buyer Webinar

Webinar Education

This week on December 19th there will be a HUD Homebuyer webinar hosted by Nancy Braun, Owner of Showcase Realty, perfect for homebuyers and investors. In this Webinar we will discuss who can purchase HUD homes and when. Myth battles fact in common misconceptions about HUD homes.

Did you know?

-HUD does not provide direct financing to buyers of HUD Homes.

-Almost anyone can buy a HUD home.

– You can purchase a HUD home at a 50% discount from the original list price if you meet certain qualifications.

-You can purchase a home with just $100 down!

We will also be discussing different investment strategies and discuss a very common “Get Rich Quick” strategy made popular by TV shows.  We will also advise you on what investment properties to avoid and the realities of being an investor. You will be a LANDLORD at some point (if you want a steady income property).

Much more will be discussed at the FREE HUD Home Buyers Webinar! Attend it on Thursday December 19th at 2-3 PM! You will also receive a FREE HUD Tool Kit after the Webinar so don’t hesitate to register for the event today!

Top Trending Halloween Costume Ideas for 2013

Candy Corn, Trick-orTreat, Candy, Children, Halloween, Costumes, Showcase, Realty, Showcase Realty, Orange, Bats,Charlotte NC fall events, Charlotte NC homes for sale, Charlotte NC real estate, Showcase realty, Nancy Braun

Trick-orTreat, Candy, Children, Halloween, Costumes, Showcase, Realty, Showcase Realty, Orange, Bats,Charlotte NC fall events, Charlotte NC homes for sale, Charlotte NC real estate, Showcase realty, Nancy Braun

Every Halloween will be the same; at least in the fact that there will always be trending costumes that you can’t help but notice. Last year the top trending Costume was Psy, particularly from his world famous video “Gangnam Style.” It was definitely amusing seeing bright colorful suits and people walking / dancing up to your door to get some candy. This year we will be seeing a lot of pop culture references, more than usual, and thankfully gone is the era of the sexy cat/policewoman/nurse!(of course there are always those persistent few..) None the less, I thought it was best to prepare you folks for what you are about to see tonight.

Minion- “Despicable Me” These little guys will be everywhere this Halloween. So much that you will believe you have found yourself in the “Despicable Me” world! These costumes are number one this year in popularity and have numerous tutorials on the web on how to be a minion this Halloween.

“The Great Gatsby” Thanks to the ever popular movie, this year many fans or just fans of the era in general will be dressed in glitz and glam. Flappers and dapper fellows will be gracing us with their presence this year and you better believe they will be ready to party!

“Breaking Bad” This year marked the last season of the very popular cult show and many fans will pay tribute to its characters. Biohazard Costumes will be everywhere, so remain calm when you see one at your doorstep shouting “trick-or-treat”, most likely it’s a trick-or-treater, not a government scientist who has some bad news for you; pay attention to context clues!

“Miley Cyrus” I don’t think anyone is surprised that this made the list in the least. After the highly controversial VMA’s performance and her constant presence in the media in the weeks following, I’m surprised it was not the “Top Costume” for this year. I guess her costume will take the place of the “sexy cat” this year, seeing as the options only vary from a teddy bear leotard to a nude colored bra and panties set.

I wonder which one of these costumes we will see this year at our Halloween Party. The party, “A Haunting Showcase”, takes place on Friday, Nov. 1 at our main office and we are all so excited for this spectacular event. There will be trick or treating in the office, dinner & cocktails, and contests! We hope you willl have an exciting and safe evening tonight. Happy Halloween!

A Brief History of Halloween

Pumpkins, Halloween, fall leaves, autumn, orange, red, leaves, Charlotte NC fall events, Charlotte NC homes for sale, Charlotte NC real estate, Showcase Realty, Nancy Braun

Halloween, costumes, Showcase, Realty, Showcase Realty, Orange, Bats,Charlotte NC fall events, Charlotte NC homes for sale, Charlotte NC real estate, Showcase realty, Nancy Braun


Just like other holidays and important events, Halloween has evolved a lot since it started thousands of years ago. As one of the world’s oldest holidays, it has been celebrated today by more individuals from different parts of the world than ever before.


The term Halloween was originally spelled as “Hallowe’en,” which is contraction of All Hallows Eve, a term for the day before All Hallows Day, otherwise known as All Saints Day. The latter is a Catholic holiday celebrated on November 1 since the early Middle Ages where Christian saints along with martyrs are commemorated.


The history of Halloween originates in the ancient Celtic festival regarded as Samhain, a celebration of the end of the harvest season in the Gaelic culture. The ancient Gaels believed that, on October 31, there is an overlapping of the boundaries between the world of the living and the dead. At the same time, the deceased would come back to life and will cause havoc like sickness. Based on the prehistoric observance, Halloween used to mark the end of summer and the onset of winter where people celebrated it with sacrificial offerings, homage to the dead, feasts, and bonfires.


Like the Celts, the European people during that time also believed the same thing; that the spirits of the dead would came to visit the earth during Halloween. However, they feared that the spirits would hurt them or cause problems, which is why during the night they wore costumes to look like ghost and other evil creatures. They believed that by doing such, the spirits would think they’re also dead and they would remain unharmed. As the Europeans migrated to the United States, they brought such tradition with them.


“Trick or treat” entered the picture when there was an increasing number of Halloween pranks and mischief during the 1920s and 1930s. Schools and communities want to curb the increasing number of vandalism that’s why they encouraged the “trick or treat” concept. But the practice we do and see today where children wear costumes doing “trick or treat” started only during the mid-1940s.


Today, Halloween is the second most commercially successful holiday next to Christmas and is the third biggest party being celebrated yearly behind New Year as well as Super Bowl Sunday. Men and women of every age now celebrates Halloween in different ways like decorating their homes, wearing odd costumes, joining parades, and more. But we all have to remember, as long as we celebrate Halloween in a safe and happy way, then there’s no problem with celebrating it in different ways.

Fun and festive fall activities in Charlotte NC

fall leaves, autumn, orange, red, trees, Charlotte NC fall events, Charlotte NC homes for sale, Charlotte NC real estate, Showcase realty, Nancy Braun

Happy boy, pumkin picking, Charlotte NC fall events, Charlotte NC homes for sale, Charlotte NC real estate, Showcase realty, Nancy Braun


Fall is a time for sweeping up fallen leaves and baking the perfect pumpkin pie, to look forward to the terror of Halloween and the frightening gathering of your family for thanksgiving. This is a time to give and a time to enjoy. It’s a time to take full advantage of the scenery and to get out and enjoy the colors and the weather. Why not experience all The Queen City has to offer and enjoy days filled with relaxation and seasonal traditions?

The NoDa Fall Music Fest

This festival is for all you music lovers out there! There will be 100 artists and bands performing live in multiple venues. The festival is a 3 day event, which is celebrating its 11th year of delivering the best music and digital media industry education and networking in the market. If you are interested as a performer or as a business owner this is an opportunity you cannot miss, as well! Take full advantage of this wondrous event and give your soul its much needed tunes.     Nov. 8- Nov. 10

For more information and a list of bands visit their website at:

Pumpkin picking

Charlotteans know full and well they live in the country and, thankfully, that means a wide variety of farms to visit and browse through their bountiful pumpkin patches. Pumpkin picking is an age old tradition that we used to do with our parents and our parents’ parent’s. It’s a tradition that you want to pass down to you children and your children’s children. It is a very family oriented experience and a great way to get your kids excited for the changing season.  This is an innocent pleasure that will surely be one of your children’s fondest memories of fall, and if your kid is a chatter they will tell all of your family and friends how he picked his perfect pumpkin (Your welcome). Hodges farm is a great family farm complete with farm animals, horses, pumpkin picking in the fall and Christmas trees in the winter.

Click here for more information on Hodges Farm.

Tour the Mountains

The mountains in the fall are, personally, one of the most beautiful picturesque views I have ever seen in autumn. For those hikers and campers, fall is the perfect time to go since it isn’t too hot, nor is it too cold; it’s that perfect state of limbo. Grandfather mountain is the most popular with its high peaks and panoramic views, it will get a little chilly in the evening so, like my boy scout brother says, always be prepared! Little neighboring towns will solve your hunger needs or you can picnic near the mountain and watch one of the many tranquil waterfalls scattered in the North Carolina Mountains. Don’t forget to bring your Camera for the many Kodak moments that will arise with your first step on mountain terrain.

September 5, 2013

Coffee with Nancy & Mike: Free Agent HUD Sales Training

banner, Charlotte NC real estate agent training workshop free hands on learn study HUD Pemco Ofori Hometelos

Come Join Us! For FREE agent sales training on HUD Homes at our Charlotte NC real estate office in SouthEnd. Breakfast provided by Home Inspection Carolina.

* Learn the steps to close in record time

* Understand the selling process to maximize your results

* Become a HUD expert with this hands on workshop.

* And Much More…

Eventbrite - Coffee With Nancy: Agent Hud Sales Training

flyer, Charlotte NC real estate agent training workshop free hands on learn study HUD Pemco Ofori Hometelos

4 Technology Tips Every Real Estate Agent Should Follow

trophy; how to be the best charlotte nc real estate agent and get the most charlotte nc homes for sale

One of the best ways to get ahead in any industry is staying abreast with the latest technology. trophy; how to be the best charlotte nc real estate agent and get the most charlotte nc homes for sale

In today’s digital information age, interested buyers and sellers will look for you online before doing business with you. For them to find you, you must be online. For the best results you need to be on as many places at the same time as possible.  This can be overwhelming, and impractical. With Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and blogs, the list is never ending.

To increase your business what technologies should every real estate agent implement?

1. Smart Phone & Tablet

to be the best charlotte nc real estate agent like nancy braun at showcase realty you need a smartphone to get all the charlotte nc homes for saleSmart phones are here to stay and they are only getting smarter. If you don’t have a smart phone by now, you run the risk of looking dated and out of sync with the rest of world. If this is the only new technology you implement, take the plunge on this one.

With access to 1,000’s of apps, a smarter phone can help you connect with everyone in your sphere. There are also several options for cloud based apps, giving you access to all your documents, presentations, or flyers anywhere you are.

If you’ve already committed to a smart phone, consider purchasing a tablet. Popularity and preference of tablets over computers and laptops is growing. Imagine showing a presentation on your tablet instead of flipping through a stack of papers.

We recommend the Ipad specifically. The Windows Surface or Samsung Galaxy Tab have more options, but when you consider ease of use, right out of the box, The Ipad has a much more simplified format. This is easier for users to just grab it and go, especially users who are less tech savvy

2. LinkedInIN.fw

With over 225 million members, LinkedIn is important for business. If you’re not a fan of social media, or don’t have time for all the different platforms, at least create a profile on LinkedIn. It shows that you are in tune with the professional world, and it’s a good place to house your experience, abilities and any awards.

Because it’s a website of professional looking for professionals, LinkedIn is a great networking tool. You can use it to keep in touch with colleges, and tech savvy client will use this as a reference. This is also another great place to receive recommendations.

3. Online Communities

active rain logo. blog on this site to be the best charlotte ne real estate agent like anncy braun at showcase realty and have the most charlotte nc homes for saleOnce you have found a company with a good internal training structure, become a member of an online community.  Belonging to a real estate community outside of your office gives you access to a wealth of information.

You can join a Facebook group (Raise the Bar in Real Estate and Tech Support for Agents are the most active), become a member of a real estate blogging site like Active Rain, or join a List-Serve email list where agents ask and answer questions.  Even if you don’t ask or answer questions yourself, you can read about hot topics or search previous posts to see if your question has been answered before.

4. Be Genuine

Finally if you’re going to do any of these suggestions above, be genuine and relatable.  the best charlotte nc real estate agents are genuine like nancy braun of showcase realty who has the most charlotte nc homes for sale

Danny Mareco, Director of Marketing at Showcase Realty, advises,  “Don’t jump on the next fad just because you think you have to. People will see through that.”

If you are going to blog, provide useful information; don’t just tout your accomplishments. If you are going to create a social media profile, keep it updated.  The main focus of technology today is connection – connecting all of our tools and devices together through apps and cloud, and connecting us to each other through social and networking sites.

If you are just using it to ‘be out there’, you’re missing the point; these technologies are supposed to make life easier, not feel like a burden. That tune will ring flat in many of your clients’ ears.

Lunchtime Review Recap

showcase realty charlotte nc real estate workshop on charlotte nc HUD homes

Our HUD Workshop, Lunchtime Review, was a great success. We had a good turnout and everyone benefitted from the hands-on nature of the class. This workshop focused on how to complete a HUD contract.

Our guest speaker for this workshop was Gary Frank of Home Warranty of America. He spoke about his company’s warranty programs and the way it can benefit both buyers and sellers. He also provided a generous amount of sandwiches and refreshments from Newk’s Express Café.

We created a scenario about Claire and Craig Chase, who were a young newlywed couple in search of their first home. They needed a home that was affordable, but that didn’t require much renovation. Purchasing a foreclosure would help them get the size of house they wanted for a price that fits their budget. They decided to look exclusively for a HUD home because of the discounts available to them. They were especially excited about the $100 dollar down program, because they didn’t have very much saved up for a down payment.

We walked the class through all the steps that they would need to take to show Claire and Craig the property, make sure they were informed on any special circumstances, a place a bid. After the bid is accepted they filled out a real contract in class.

The agents enjoyed the class and, I think they got a lot out of it. Showcase Realty holds agent classes every month. Our next agent class is September 20, from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. It’s completely free and tickets are available now. You can register online via the button below or at

Eventbrite - Coffee With Nancy: Agent Hud Sales Training

We also hold free buyer and investor outreaches every quarter. Our next buyer outreach is October 22 from 6:00-8:00 p.m.  Registration for this event will open one month before this popular event. For a complete list of all our events visit,

Enjoy the candid photos of the event below.

showcase realty charlotte nc real estate workshop on charlotte nc HUD homes


showcase realty charlotte nc real estate workshop on charlotte nc HUD homes

food sponsored at Showcase Realty's Charlotte NC Real Estate Workshop on Charlotte NC HUD Homes


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