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Jan 01

New Year’s Resolution: A Guide on Selling Your Home in 2014

After years of declining home values, 2014 could be the year for all home sellers, especially in Charlotte, NC. So if you want to sell your home, be sure to put your best foot forward. To start, here’s a quick guide to help you sell your home in 2014.   Change your real estate agent. …

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Dec 26

Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

With the increasing number of environmental problems these days, each of us has the responsibility to do something to help save the environment. In your own simple ways, you can help through making home improvements that do not only beautify and add value to your home, but also helps conserve the environment. Below are some …

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Nov 14

How color of a room can affect you

Does the color blue relax and calm you? Do you feel anxious when you are in a yellow room? Well, did you know that your environment has a direct effect on your emotions and your state of mind?   Although people perceive colors differently because it’s subjective, there are certain colors that have a universal effect on …

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Oct 31

Top Trending Halloween Costume Ideas for 2013

Every Halloween will be the same; at least in the fact that there will always be trending costumes that you can’t help but notice. Last year the top trending Costume was Psy, particularly from his world famous video “Gangnam Style.” It was definitely amusing seeing bright colorful suits and people walking / dancing up to …

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Oct 28

A Brief History of Halloween

  Just like other holidays and important events, Halloween has evolved a lot since it started thousands of years ago. As one of the world’s oldest holidays, it has been celebrated today by more individuals from different parts of the world than ever before.   The term Halloween was originally spelled as “Hallowe’en,” which is …

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Oct 21

Fun and festive fall activities in Charlotte NC

  Fall is a time for sweeping up fallen leaves and baking the perfect pumpkin pie, to look forward to the terror of Halloween and the frightening gathering of your family for thanksgiving. This is a time to give and a time to enjoy. It’s a time to take full advantage of the scenery and …

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Oct 04

Great Infographic on Improving Your Home in 10 Minutes or Less

In order to get top dollar for your Charlotte NC home for sale, it needs to look great inside and out. Small adjustments to your home can really improve it’s curb appeal without costing you a fortune. The infographic below has tips and quick fixes to improve the value of your home and make it more desirable to …

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Jul 10

Good Interior Design

Making it Home: Good Design Almost nothing can impact your living space like good interior design can.  But many people don’t know which design concepts will make the most of their homes. This post gives you bite-sized ideas to consider as you decorate or fully remodel your home. While they’re not particularly common in the …

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May 10

Mother’s Day Sweet Treat….For Beginners.

Ultimate Brownie for Mothers Day

Mom is the heart of the home and, for most families, the best baker in the bunch. With Mothers Day around the corner (May 12th for those of you who are scrambling to find your calendars), you might be feeling the urge to test your baking skills for a more sentimental treat than jewelry or …

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Apr 05

Chevron: Top 5 Ways To Decorate Your Home With the Classic “Zig-zag” Pattern

Showcase Realty Blog - Making it Home

While most trends keep to either fashion, home decor, or technology, every once in a while something just sticks. Everywhere. You see it on billboards, on runways, and even on hipsters’ coffee mugs; it becomes part of society. Chevron is one of those things. The zigzag pattern is about as classic and basic as they …

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